Macro Briefing: 19 March 2024

* Japan’s central bank lifts interest rates for first time since 2007
* Federal court temporarily halts SEC’s new climate-disclosure rules
* Nvidia announces new generation of artificial intelligence chips
* Google and Apple reportedly discussing use of Gemini’s generative AI in iPhones
* US homebuilder sentiment rises to 8-month high in March:

The central bank will likely leave rates unchanged until next year, predicts Jim Bianco, president of Bianco Research. Citing a growing economy and sticky inflation, he tells CNBC: “I’m in the camp that the Fed does not change policy in the summer of an election year. If they don’t pull the trigger by June, then it’s November [or] December at the earliest — only if the data warrants it. And, right now, the data isn’t warranting it.” The government bond market increasingly agrees, based on the policy-sensitive 2-year Treasury yield, which rose to its highest level since December on Monday (Mar. 18).