Macro Briefing: 20 December 2018

Trump administration says US troops are being withdrawn from Syria: BBC
Trump’s withdrawal from Syria ignores advice from advisers: Reuters
UK and Europe preparing for no-deal Brexit in March: CNBC
US population grew at slowest pace in over 80 years: NY Times
Fed raises rates despites signs of softer US growth: CNN
US and foreign stock markets fall sharply after Fed rate hike: Bloomberg
Foreign policy experts: cyber attack on US is a high risk for 2019: CFR
Fed trims 2019 US GDP growth forecast to median +2.3%: Federal Reserve
Current account deficit for US widened in Q3, representing 2.4% of GDP: MW
US existing home sales in Nov post biggest annual decline in over 7 years: WSJ
China’s gov’t aid to Latin America dwarfs US support: GZeroMedia