Macro Briefing: 20 November 2023

* Microsoft hires Sam Altman, ousted CEO of OpenAI, creator of ChatGPT
* Radical libertarian populist Javier Milei elected president of Argentina
* Positive earnings surprises have fueled stock market rally, says strategist
* Strong labor market is why US avoids recession after rate hikes
* Foreign demand for US Treasuries slides as supply rises
* US housing starts rise for second month in October
* OPEC+ considers further oil production cuts as price sags:

Will rising government debt lead to higher interest rates? Not necessarily, advises Mark King, founder of Satori Insights and former global markets strategist at Citi. Writing in Financial Times, he reports: “Higher government debt levels in advanced economies have almost always been associated with lower bond yields, not higher. This finding is not confined to the US: it holds in Germany, Italy, Japan, the UK, Switzerland and Australia back to the 1880s.”