Macro Briefing: 21 March 2024

* Fed leaves rates unchanged but expects cuts later this year
* Fed Chairman Powell doesn’t appear worried about recent sticky inflation data
* New CBO estimates still project hefty runup in US debt in years ahead
* Eurozone economy close to stabilizing in March via PMI survey data
* As mortgage rates decline, US housing supply is starting to rebound
* Private equity firm Apollo offers to buy Paramount film and TV studios
* Micron shares soar as AI-driven earnings report impresses investors
* US 10-year Treasury yield continues to ease after Fed leaves rates unchanged:

Gold trades near record high after Federal Reserve leaves interest rates unchanged and anticipates rate cuts later this year. Policymakers revised the central bank’s quarterly economic estimates and projected that its target range rate will fall to 4.6% by the end of the year from the current 5.25%-to-5.50% range. Lower rates, in theory, support gold prices by presenting lesser competition for the precious metal, which is a 0% yielding alternative to the fiat currencies.

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