Macro Briefing: 23 May 2023

* Biden-McCarthy debt-ceiling meeting is ‘productive’ but no deal yet
* Treasury Sec. Yellen again warns that US will run out of funds as early as June 1
* US Treasury will issue up to $700 billion in T-bills after debt ceiling is raised
* Pause on rate hikes in June wouldn’t signal end to hiking cycle: Fed’s Kashkari
* Fed’s Bullard says two more rate hikes needed this year
* Share of Americans feeling worse about their finances at 9-year high
* Japan growth will outpace US and Europe over next 2 years, predicts CLSA Ltd
* Can Australia end its lithium-export dependence to China? It aims to try
* Weak mfg activity pulls Eurozone economic growth down to 3-month low in May:

US Treasury Department is rapidly running out of cash to pay the government’s bills. The so-called X-date, when Treasury funds fall to zero, will arrive as early as June 1, Secretary Janet Yellen says. “With every passing day, the risk of the Treasury running out of cash increases,” DBRS Morningstar advises. “In our view, the high cost of inaction on the debt ceiling will very likely push legislators toward a last-minute agreement” to raise the debt-ceiling limit.