Macro Briefing: 23 October 2018

Turkey’s president says there’s evidence that Khashoggi killing was planned: CNBC
Saudi foreign minister pledges full investigation into Khashoggi killing: Reuters
Trump vows to use military to address growing migrant caravan: Fox
US Navy warships sail through Taiwan Strait: ABC
Trump says US will build up nuclear arsenal: BBC
Supreme Court halts Commerce Secretary’s deposition re: census: Politico
Japan’s Abe will meet China’s Xi this week: CNBC
Leading Indicator of remodeling activity: slower growth for 2019 expected: JCHS
US jobless rate is lowest in decades, but wage growth remains weak: NY Times
Former Fed Chair Volcker sees trouble brewing just about everywhere: NY Times
Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index: US growth moderated slightly in Sep: Chicago Fed