Macro Briefing: 3 June 2019

China, Mexico open to talks to defuse trade conflict with US: WSJ
Does Trump’s trade policy threaten longest US expansion in history? MW
Trump has doubts about Mideast peace plan: Politico
Trump insults London’s mayor ahead of UK visit: Bloomberg
Trump administration considered tariffs for Australia: The Hill
Eurozone mfg sector continued to contract in May: IHS Markit
UK Mfg PMI fell sharply in May, signaling contraction: IHS Markit
White House’s top economist, Kevin Hassett, will depart ‘shortly’: NY Times
Revised data shows strong US consumer sentiment ‘eroded’ in late-May: UoM
Is inverted 10yr-3mo yield curve predicting recession? Maybe not: Econobrowser
US consumer spending’s 1yr trend slipped to moderate +4.3% in April: