Macro Briefing | 4 November 2019

US and China signal progress on trade talks: Bloomberg
South East Asian countries to sign Asia Pacific trade pact in 2020: CNBC
The Senate may in play for Dems in 2020 election: The Hill
Iran moves further away from compliance with nuclear pact: Reuters
US equity market’s rally is the world’s top performer: WSJ
Eurozone mfg recession will act as ‘severe drag’ on Q4 GDP: IHS Markit
US economic modeling favors Trump’s re-election: Bloomberg
US payrolls rose more than expected in October: Reuters
Mild recession for US manufacturing continued in Oct via ISM data: MW
PMI data for Oct reflect modest increase in US manufacturing activity: IHS Markit
Construction spending in US rose 0.5% in Sep, more than forecast: TT
US stock market volatility (VIX Index) remains close to 3-month low: