Macro Briefing: 5 September 2023

* Will a strong job market immunize the US from recession? Maybe not
* China Composite PMI, a GDP proxy, indicates Aug growth slowest since Jan
* China’s Country Garden, a property developer, avoids default–again
* Eurozone economy contracts at faster pace in August via PMI survey data
* Modest global mfg contraction continued in August via PMI survey data
* US manufacturing activity contracted for 10th straight month in August
* US payrolls rose more than forecast in August
* Economists expect US economic growth will slow in 2024:

China’s stock market is cheap, which suggests it’s an attractive contrarian bet for investors. “The basic case is that China is cheap. MSCI China, which includes Hong Kong stocks, trades at just 10.8 times the next 12 months’ earnings, about half the 20 times earnings of both the S&P 500 and MSCI USA,” writes James Mackintosh at The Wall Street Journal. But, “China is cheap for a reason,” he reminds. “The property-market implosion has exposed the underlying weakness of the economy, while frigid relations with the U.S. have scared off Western investors. The risk of being in a Communist dictatorship has become all too clear, with the arbitrary decision to shut the private education industry, the crackdown on China’s big tech companies and the capricious response to Covid-19.”