Macro Briefing: 6 February 2023

* China calls for calm after US shoots down suspected spy balloon
* Powerful earthquake kills 1,300 people in Turkey and Syria
* Has a new cycle of growth started for the US economy?
* Global green trade and subsidy war is accelerating
* China’s reopening will boost global growth this year
* Dell announces layoffs in latest round of cuts in tech industry
* Speculative stocks are leading the stock market’s rally this year
* US payrolls blindsides economists, partly due to seasonal adjustment
* Fed funds funds futures pricing in higher odds of two more 1/4-point rate hikes:

Despite surging profits, Wall Street has turned wary of Big Oil in 2023. Is a cautious view of the formerly red-hot sector short-sighted? Yes, advises Brad Demicco, director of private markets at Southern Methodist University’s investment office. He expects the energy sector (XLE) will continue outperform the broader US stock market (SPY). “The entire universe of investors has clearly misunderstood the time it will take to wean off oil and gas,” he reasons.