Macro Briefing: 7 February 2024

* US bills on border security, Ukraine and Israel aid falters amid GOP dysfunction
* S&P 500 Q4 earnings reported to date (about 2/3 of firms) beat expectations
* Credit card debt in US rises to new high in Q4 as delinquencies surge
* BP reports 2nd highest profit in decade, joining strong results for oil majors
* World’s largest chipmaker will build a second factory in Japan
* NY Community Bancorp downgraded to junk, sparking fears for regional banks:

Rapid revenue growth will be crucial for ongoing leadership of so-called Magnificent 7 big-tech stocks that have been driving the US stock market’s rise, advises a Goldman Sachs analyst. “While elevated hedge fund positioning, numerous antitrust lawsuits from the DoJ and the FTC, and shifts in the macro regime will influence returns for the stocks, we believe that sales growth for the seven stocks will be the most important driver of the group,” writes David Kostin, chief US equity strategist at Goldman Sachs.