Macro Briefing: 7 October 2020

Trump ends stimulus talks between GOP and Dems until after election: WSJ
After rejecting stimulus talks, Trump appears to reverse course: CNBC
End of pre-election stimulus talks threatens more economic pain for US: BBG
Fed’s Powell recommends more stimulus to aid economic recovery: CNBC
Covid-19 continues to spread among Trump’s inner circle: BBC
US lawmakers focus on reforms for Big Tech: Reuters
Iran warns that fighting in Caucus could trigger regional war: Reuters
Another former Soviet republic (Kyrgyzstan) succumbs to political chaos: BBC
German industrial output slipped in Aug after 3 monthly gains: MW
Venezuela, once a major oil producer, grinds to a halt for crude output: NYT
US traded deficit at 14-year high in August: AP
US job openings retreat for the first time in four months in Aug: BBG