Macro Briefing: 8 October 2018

Did GOP trade majorities in Congress for a conservative Supreme Court? CNN
Senate Majority Leader: opposition to Kavanaugh is ‘gift’ for GOP: WaPo
US Sec of State cited “fundamental disagreement” with China: BBG
N. Korea ready to allow inspections of its missile, nuclear sites: Reuters
Khashoggi case is a crisis for US-Saudi ties: WaPo
UN climate report: high risk of crisis from climate change by 2040: NY Times
Tropical Storm Michael may hit Florida’s Gulf Coast as hurricane: CBS
China’s central bank rolls out stimulus to shore up economy: SCMP
Far-right candidate wins first round of Brazil’s presidential election: BBC
US job growth cooled in Sep as unemployment rate fell to 3.7%: Reuters
10yr Treasury yield spiked to 3.23% last week, highest since 2011: