The New York Times today debuted a new quarterly magazine dedicated to the asset class that has provided so many with so much for so long.
Identified as The New York Times Real Estate Magazine, The Key is replete with ads that are occasionally interrupted with editorial dispensing topical advisories for the masses such as “Which Renovations Will Add the Most Value to My Home?” and “What You Get For $750,000 In….” As every attentive student of the housing market knows, the answer to the latter is, more than last week (and a lot more than last year). The burning question: Will $750,000 bring even more next year (or next week)?
Meanwhile, we can bide our time by debating if The Key represents a timely unveiling or a sign of a top. The answer may arrive sometime in the fourth quarter when we discover if The Key unlocks its future with a second issue.

One thought on “PEAK VALUE

  1. edhopper

    Obviously this is an advertisement driven publication. Much like the Time’s quarterly Style books.
    The question is, will the NY Real Estate industry have enough money to support this during the serious downturn in housing?
    The Peak was last Summer. Will Key survive the trough?

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