Relaunched: The ETF Portfolio Strategist

Last November, The ETF Portfolio Strategist (ETF-PS) debuted in beta form. The original plan was to formally roll it out in Q1:2020. But thanks to a certain health crisis that reordered life as we know it, priorities shifted and, well, here we are in August. No matter — the case for market intelligence and analytics on ETF-based portfolio strategies is an evergreen topic and so we’re back – delayed but no less committed to crunching the numbers and analyzing the crucial trends for making informed decisions on portfolio design and management via ETFs.

The design has changed a bit from the initial concept. The main difference is that ETF-PS components will be published individually on a semi-regular schedule rather than in one complete issue on a given day. The other big change: the newsletter will appear here: To receive updates of future editions, subscribe today!