There are many ways to read The Capital Spectator, and now there’s one more: via’s Kindle. If you’d like to subscribe to CS on your Kindle, please visit here.
For the uninitiated, the Kindle is an e-book reader sold by Amazon. Users purchase content and download it directly into their Kindle. Since its launch in late-2007, the Kindle has become the new new thing for reading books, magazines, newspapers and a sea of other published content. It’s sort of the reader’s equivalent of the iPod. It’s quite a handsome device and offers a number of benefits for staying up to date on your favorite reads. For one thing, it allows you to carry around your personal library in your pocket.

For more information on the Kindle, including the option to purchase one, please use the link below. No obligation, of course. The Capital Spectator will continue to be available gratis through all the usual channels (for other options please see the “Subscribe” tab at the top of the home page). Meanwhile, for those who use the Kindle, we thought you’d like to know that the content menu for this e-reader just expanded by one. Happy reading!