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Major Asset Classes | February 2018 | Performance Review

The winning streak hit a wall in February. For more than a year, global markets have been trending higher, in some cases with an unbroken run of monthly gains. But the party came to a full stop last month. For the first time in more than two years, all the major asset classes posted losses for the calendar month (except for cash, based on the S&P US T-Bill 0-3 Month Index, which edged up in February).
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Macro Briefing: 1 March 2018

Trump tells lawmakers to pass new gun-control legislation: LA Times
Trump expected to impose tariffs on steel, aluminum imports today: Bloomberg
Are the buzzards circling over Trump’s infrastructure plan? Fiscal Times
US Q4:2017 GDP growth revised down slightly to 2.5%: The Hill
Pending Home Sales Index for US fell 4.7% in January: Reuters
Chicago PMI slumps to 6-month low for February: MarketWatch
Is a debt crisis brewing for the US? The Grumpy Economist
Larry Summers: The next recession could outlast 2008-09 slump: Bloomberg
US stock market’s 10-mo winning streak, longest since 1959, ended in Feb: CNBC
Yield curve continues to flatten after Fed Chair’s upbeat macro outlook: Reuters