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My R Book On Portfolio Analytics Has Been Published

Quantitative Investment Portfolio Analytics In R: An Introduction To R For Modeling Portfolio Risk and Return rolled off the presses earlier today for the first time. The book is currently available as a softback title. Stay tuned for details on an upcoming Kindle version. Meantime, after nearly four years of writing in my “spare” time, I’m thrilled (and relieved) to announce that my third book has arrived. You can find the table of contents here. In the days ahead I’ll publish a chapter excerpt on CapitalSpectator.com, including code. Stay tuned.

Meantime, courtesy of the book’s release, your editor is now rolling in free time for evenings and weekends for the foreseeable future. Just in time for the summer!

Macro Briefing: 18 June 2018

Migration politcy threatens German chancellor’s political future: Bloomberg
Trade war fears are weighing on global commerce: NY Times
Global stocks and oil prices fall on Monday as trade spat heats up: Reuters
Consumer Sentiment Index for US rose to 3-month high in early June: CNBC
US industrial output slipped 0.1% in May: AP
NY Fed Mfg Index in June jumps to highest level in 8 months: MW
Big companies are grabbing a larger share of the workforce: NY Times