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Can You Minimize Regret By Analyzing Return Distributions?

In the grand scheme of investing, behavioral risk is second to none on the list of pitfalls that threaten to derail the best-laid plans for investing. The challenge is especially acute in the thankless task of trying to anticipate how you’ll react when a rough patch arrives. The mystery is all the deeper if your only experience with a fund or strategy is holding it during a bull market. There are no easy solutions to this problem, but you can start to chip away at the uncertainty with a simple round of econometric analysis that focuses on return distributions.

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Macro Briefing: 10 July 2019

Trump is looking for ways to weaken US dollar: Bloomberg
US plans to form int’l coalition to patrol Strait of Hormuz and nearby waters: BBC
Will Fed adjust policy based on trade issues? Reuters
Trump softened tone on China’s handling of Hong Kong to revive trade talks: FT
Mexico’s finance minister quits, citing policy disputes with president: WSJ
China’s inflation held at a 15-month high in June: SCMP
US job openings eased in May but remain near record high: MW