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Will The 10-Year Treasury Yield’s Recent Rebound Continue?

The benchmark rate on the 10-year Treasury has been trending higher since October, suggesting that the sharp slide that unfolded earlier in 2019 has run its course. But the economic outlook is still sufficiently murky to reserve judgment on whether the latest bounce in this key yield is a limited revival after an arguably excessive slide or the start of a sustained rise.

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Macro Briefing | 9 January 2020

Trump decides to de-escalate war risk with Iran: ABC
US-Iran tensions are down but risk is still lurking: CNBC
China’s vice premier expected to sign trade deal with US next week: Reuters
US likely added 2.14mm jobs last year–least since 2011: Bloomberg
World Bank cuts global growth expectations: WB
German industrial production rebounded sharply in November: Reuters
Gloomy economics conference contrasts with expanding economy: NY Times
ADP: US private jobs growth rebounded in Dec but 1yr trend continued to ease: