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Macro Briefing | 31 July 2019

Democrats clash in debate on health care: NY Times
Fed expected to cut interest rates today–first time since 2008: WSJ
US-China trade talks end in failure… again: Reuters
N. Korea fires missiles for a second time in a week: BBC
Political pressure builds as Congress considers $2.7 trillion budget deal: MW
US Consumer Confidence Index rebounded in July to highest level this year: CNBC
Case-Shiller index shows US home-price growth continued to slow in May: HW
US consumer spending and income rose moderately in June: Reuters
US private employment annual trend on track to slip to +1.7% in today’s ADP data:

Macro Briefing | 30 July 2019

Capital One, a major credit card issuer, suffers massive data breach: WSJ
Pound slides as Boris Johnson raises no-deal Brexit odds: Reuters
US-China trade talks begin with little fanfare and low expectations: SCMP
Japan’s industrial output fell more than expected in June: Bloomberg
Eurozone economic sentiment continued to slide in July: Reuters
German consumer confidence down for third month: Reuters
Texas mfg posted a slightly stronger gain in July: Dallas Fed
1yr growth for today’s June report on US consumer spending is expected to ease:

Macro Briefing | 29 July 2019

US-China trade talks set to resume this week: WSJ
Fed expected to cut interest rates this week: Reuters
Former Fed Chair Yellen recommends a rate cut: CNBC
China warns that violent protests in Hong Kong won’t be tolerated: Bloomberg
China’s economy continued to slow in July: Bloomberg
Dan Coats, US director of nat’l intelligence, announces resignation: The Hill
A short list of indicators to watch for calling the next recession: NY Times
Real and nominal 1-year GDP growth for US eased to 2-year lows in Q2:

Book Bits | 27 July 2019

Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation in the Coming Chaos
Interview with author (via Kitco News)
By James Rickards
The economy is vulnerable to economic “chaos” due to several monetary and policy mistakes made since the 2008 recession, said best-selling author Jim Rickards.
His new book “Aftermath: Seven Secrets of Wealth Preservation In The Coming Chaos” details how the last economic crisis never really ended.
“Technically, the recession was over in June 2009 and the U.S. economy has been expanding ever since. We’re coming up on 10 years of expansion, it’s one of the longest expansions in U.S. history and it’s one of the longest bull markets in stocks in U.S. history, so that’s true. But, it’s also been the weakest expansion in U.S. history. For 10 years average growth has been about 2.2%,” Rickards told Kitco News.
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Macro Briefing | 26 July 2019

Slower US growth expected in today’s Q2 GDP report: Reuters
ECB signals plans for more stimulus to combat weakening economy: WSJ
Record temps in Europe as heatwave bakes the Continent: CBS
Automakers reject Trump admin and strike emissions deal with Calif: NY Times
US durable goods orders rebounded in June after two monthly declines: WSJ
Trade deficit for US narrowed in June: MW
Jobless claims in US fell to 3-month low last week, signaling healthy labor mkt: MW