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Risk Premia Forecasts: Major Asset Classes | 5 February 2019

The expected risk premium for the Global Market Index (GMI) rebounded to an annualized 4.5% in January after slipping to 4.2% at the end of 2018. Today’s revised estimate for GMI (an unmanaged market-value-weighted portfolio that holds all the major asset classes except cash) represents the ex ante premium over the projected “risk-free” rate for the long run.
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Macro Briefing: 5 February 2019

What’s in store tonight for Trump’s State of Union address?: Bloomberg
Fed chairman and Trump met at White House on Monday: CNBC
PMI: Eurozone growth eases in January: IHS Markit
Himalayan glaciers at risk from global warming: USA Today
Should Congress stimulate the economy now to avoid recession later? NY Times
Light-vehicle sales in Jan fell below 17million units–first time since Aug: AutoWeek
US factory orders fell sharply in Nov; 1yr growth trend continues to weaken: MW