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The ETF Asset Class Performance Review (EACPR) is a weekly newsletter that offers a broad survey of market activity for the major asset classes and their principal sub-categories, based on a representative list of ETFs/ETNs. The format is designed to provide a deep, comprehensive and investable “real world” perspective via a set of investment funds. The goal: assisting you in the search of timely rebalancing opportunities for managing asset allocation. Each issue also includes an update of the investable version of the Global Market Index (GMI), an ETF-based benchmark of all the major asset classes. In addition, you’ll find the latest numbers on the Rebalancing Opportunity Index for GMI, a quantitative measure of rebalancing’s fluctuating potential for lowering risk, boosting return, or a bit of both.

Think of the newsletter as your weekly intelligence report that keeps you up to date–quickly and efficiently–on global market changes in the pursuit of making informed portfolio decisions. Each issue reviews performance and related data through the end of the current week with a mix of tables and graphs. EACPR is published as a PDF file, after the close of each week’s trading activity, and delivered to subscribers via email (typically every Saturday) in advance of the start of trading (9:30 a.m. NY time) on the following Monday.

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The ETF Asset Class Performance Review

Take a look at a recent issue: Vol. 3, No. 20

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