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Book Bits | 20 April 2019

The Technology Fallacy: How People Are the Real Key to Digital Transformation
By Gerald C. Kane, et al.
Q&A with authors via publisher (MIT Press)
Q: The data you collected over a period of four years required surveying over 16,000 people who have experienced and responded to digital disruption. What did you learn about why some organizations are struggling to respond effectively to it?
A: We asked survey respondents to identify the biggest barriers to digital transformation facing their organization. The most common response was that organizations were their own worst enemy. Internal issues such as lack of agility, complacency, and inflexible culture were reported as the biggest barriers. This finding aligns with the key thesis of our book that technology is not the most important nor the most difficult part of digital transformation. Instead, the more pressing issue is how an organization adapts its culture, strategy, leadership, and talent to operate effectively in a digital world.
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