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How Unusual Is The Current Drought For The Value Factor?

The value factor has fallen on hard times in recent years, prompting debate about whether this risk premium can recover as technology-fueled growth stocks eat the world. The counterpoint is that value and growth have long traded leadership positions and eventually value wins the race. Is it different this time? Unclear. While we’re waiting for Mr. Market to render a verdict, let’s explore the value-growth dance through a rolling-one-year-return lens for perspective.

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Macro Briefing: 12 November 2020

US coronavirus cases and hospitalizations continue to accelerate: CNN
Biden advisor considers new lockdown to control pandemic: CNBC
Trump’s legal strategy: block certification of Biden win in states: WSJ
Georgia will conduct hand recount of presidential election ballots: CNBC
UK economy rebounded in Q3 with 15.5% surge in GDP: CNBC
Eurozone industrial output unexpectedly fell in September: Reuters
Central banks face crucial challenges as covid crisis roils economies: BBG
10-year Treasury yield continues to rise, edging up to 8-month high — 0.98%