Macro Briefing: 23 April 2018

Peace talks in Korea pose new challenge for Trump administration: The Hill
Trump mistakenly claimed that N. Korea will denuclearize: CNBC
Russia, Ukraine top agenda at G7 meeting of foreign diplomats: Reuters
Will China be sidelined in upcoming US-Korea meetings? NY Times
Supreme Court to hear a challenge to Trump’s travel ban this week: Reuters
Sen. Booker introduced bill offering gov’t jobs for everyone who wants one: Vox
US income inequality due to gains in top-20% of income distribution: VoxEU
Nearly 80% of S&P 500 firms will report Q1 earnings above expectations: Reuters
Will big-tech stocks continue to support US equity market? MarketWatch
Are financial market warning signs starting to flash? The Economist
How will SEC’s new “best-interest” standard affect finance industry? Bloomberg
The wealthy are willing to pay for and expect a longer life: Bloomberg