Macro Briefing: 24 July 2023

* A “momentous week” ahead for Fed and other central bank
* Fed isn’t set to declare victory on inflation
* Positive Q2 earnings surprises for S&P 500 firms in line with recent averages
* Decade-long rally in US home prices may be ending: Professor Robert Shiller
* Eurozone economy contracts at steepest rate in 8 months in July via PMI survey
* Is the regional banking crisis over? Investors think so:

International investment firms downgraded China economic outlook multiple times in recent months, CNBC reports. JPMorgan announced the most recent cut, to 5%, down from 5.5% previously. “The average prediction among six firms studied by CNBC now stands at 5.1%, close to the ‘around 5%’ target Beijing announced in March.”