Macro Briefing | 5 May 2020

Global survey: majority favors saving lives over restarting economies: Reuters
Is the US prepared for a second wave of coronavirus? Project Syndicate
Dr. Fauci dismisses theory that Wuhan lab is source of coronavirus: Newsweek
Models predict sharply higher deaths if states relax social distancing: Politico
Why are US home prices rising during a pandemic? Falling supply: WSJ
Is Sweden’s model for managing Covid-19 useful for US? Maybe not: NY Times
US Treasury expected to borrow a record $3 trillion this quarter: CNBC
US factory orders fell sharply in March: MW
Big hedge funds are raising bets on gold, which is near an 8-year high: FT
Global manufacturing in April fell to lowest level since 2008-09 crisis: IHS Markit
US money velocity fell to record low in Q1, highlighting disinflation/deflation risk: