The year just passed put many investment strategies to the test, including asset allocation and diversification. Indeed, virtually all the major asset classes suffered in 2008. What, if anything, does that say about asset allocation and the concept of owning multi-asset class portfolios? Did asset allocation stumble? Or did it live up to expectations despite the turmoil?
In today’s edition of The Inside View, we posed those questions and more to Richard Ferri, founder and CEO of Portfolio Solutions, a fee-only investment advisor in Troy, Michigan that specializes in designing and managing portfolios for individuals and small institutions using index funds and ETFs—at a charge of just 25 basis points. Rick is a respected authority on asset allocation and index-based investing. He’s written several books on these and related subjects, such as All About Asset Allocation and The ETF Book. To hear Rick’s take on asset allocation these days, including his reasoning for why it’s still the foundation for prudent investing, take a listen…

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