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Major Asset Classes | March 2020 | Performance Review

The value of cash as an asset class had its moment in the sun in March as coronavirus blowback cut deeply into markets around the world. Posting the only gain among the major asset classes in last month’s tsunami of losses, the S&P US T-Bill 0-3 Month Index exemplified its role as a port in the storm with a 0.2% gain. Par for the course for cash returns of late, but oh-so-welcome in an otherwise miserable month for risk assets.
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Macro Briefing | 1 April 2020

White House issues stark prediction for US coronavirus outlook: CNBC
Fed rolls out new lending program for foreign central banks: WSJ
CDC considers broader use of masks to contain spread of coronavirus: NY Times
Eurozone manufacturing contracted sharply in March: IHS Markit
UK manufacturing in March fell at quickest rate since 2012: IHS Markit
Companies sold a record amount of debt in Q1: Bloomberg
US Consumer Confidence Index fell sharply in March: AP
Chicago PMI remains below neutral mark for ninth straight month in March: MW
US crude oil benchmark trading near 18-year low: