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Major Asset Classes | July 2022 | Performance Review

The majority of the major asset classes rebounded in July, providing relief from an extended run of red ink, based on a set of proxy ETFs. The challenges that triggered widespread selling in global markets this year remain in force – the war in Ukraine, high inflation, rising interest rates and stumbling economic activity. This toxic mix will continue to create headwinds for markets, but for one month, at least, gloomy sentiment took a holiday.

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Macro Briefing: 1 August 2022

* Pelosi starts Asia trip amid warnings not to visit Taiwan
* US deploys military assets near Taiwan as Pelosi considers visit
* First grain ship leaves Ukraine under Russia deal
* Factory outlook weakens in Asia and Europe
* China factory output unexpectedly contracted in July
* Emerging markets suffer record streak of withdrawals by foreign investors
* German retail sales fell nearly 10% in June–biggest annual decline since 1994
* US home price gains cooling rapidly, real estate data firm finds
* US consumer spending and personal income rose more than expected in June:

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