Book Bits: 13 November 2021

The Generation Myth: Why When You’re Born Matters Less Than You Think
Bobby Duffy
Summary via publisher (Basic Books)
Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Z—we like to define people by when they were born, but an acclaimed social researcher explains why we shouldn’t. Boomers are narcissists. Millennials are spoiled. Gen Zers are lazy. We assume people born around the same time have basically the same values. It makes for good headlines, but is it true? Bobby Duffy has spent years studying generational distinctions. In The Generation Myth, he argues that our generational identities are not fixed but fluid, reforming throughout our lives. Based on an analysis of what over three million people really think about homeownership, sex, well-being, and more, Duffy offers a new model for understanding how generations form, how they shape societies, and why generational differences aren’t as sharp as we think.

The Enablers: How the West Supports Kleptocrats and Corruption – Endangering Our Democracy
Frank Vogl
Adaptation via The Globalist
The crimes perpetrated by the kleptocrats governing Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, Hungary, Nigeria and many more nations not only impoverish their own citizens. They ultimately impoverish all of us.
More gallingly, we are assisting them in their greed and their corruption. Even more worrying, Western governments, as well as major multinational corporations headquartered across Western Europe and North America, are complicit in their quest.

Speed & Scale: An Action Plan for Solving Our Climate Crisis Now
John Doerr
Excerpt via Fast Company
I must warn you up-front: We’re not cutting our emissions fast enough to outrun the damage on our doorstep. I said this in 2007, and I say it today: What we’re doing is not nearly enough. Unless we course-correct with urgent speed and at massive scale, we’ll be staring at a doomsday scenario. The melting polar ice caps will drown coastal cities. Failed crops will lead to widespread famine. By mid century, a billion souls worldwide could be climate refugees.
Fortunately, we have a powerful ally in this fight: innovation.

Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Stock-Picking Lessons from One of Wall Street’s Top Tech Analysts
Mark Mahaney
Summary via publisher (McGraw Hill Professional)
he Tech industry is the stock market’s hottest, most profitable sector, but it can be a roller coaster ride. Companies with great ideas can end up going nowhere, and some that dominate today will be sold at fire-sale prices in five years. “Sure things” can become “sore things” very rapidly. Nothing But Net provides the knowledge and insights you need to understand what’s really hot, to know what’s not, and to outperform other investors consistently and decisively. Famous for his smart, savvy and unique approach to Tech stock investing, Mark Mahaney provides his 10 proven rules for succeeding as a long-term Tech stock investor—explaining everything he’s learned during almost 25 years of analyzing internet stocks

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