Book Bits: 19 December 2020

Money Mammoth: Unlocking the secrets of financial psychology to break from the herd and avoid extinction
Brad Klontz, et al.
Summary via publisher (Wiley)
When it comes to our relationship with money, we are in the Stone Age. Despite the relentless barrage of information and warnings from financial experts, the average American is in terrible financial shape. It turns out that human beings are just not wired to do the right things around money—such as saving and not overspending.

Kings of Crypto:
One Startup’s Quest to Take Cryptocurrency Out of Silicon Valley and Onto Wall Street

Jeff John Roberts
Review via Publishers Weekly
Tech writer Roberts debuts with a page-turning account of the rise of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase from the Y Combinator startup incubator to becoming a “pillar of the larger crypto economy.” Coinbase launched in 2012 with a mission to “make bitcoin simpler,” and in time it folded in other cryptocurrencies; after a successful A round of funding, one venture capitalist called it the “JP Morgan of bitcoin.” By 2017, Coinbase had hundreds of employees, who aided the company in weathering 2018’s “crypto winter” when bitcoin prices fell dramatically, and a year later the company controlled “more than 5 percent of all bitcoins in existence.” Along the way, Roberts captures political infighting and adrenaline-fueled moments (“We’re going to build this! We’re going to run through brick walls!” one founder encourages employees) as the scrappy startup becomes a corporate powerhouse.
Where’s My Money?: Secrets to Getting the Most out of Your Social Security
Bob Carlson
Summary via publisher (Regnery Capital)
What’s the biggest retirement mistake you can make? Not taking full advantage of your Social Security benefits. And it’s a mistake that almost every retiree makes. If you’re like most people, you would have to be a millionaire to earn as much from your investments as you can from Social Security. But Social Security also comes with pitfalls, and the wrong choice can leave you poorer for the rest of your life.
Covered Calls for Beginners: A Risk-Free Way to Collect “Rental Income” Every Single Month on Stocks You Already Own
Freeman Publications
Summary via Amazon
If you’re worried about the current market uncertainty, covered calls are your antidote to chaos. You can use them to generate safe returns, no matter what happens to your stock. It’s like generating rental income on stocks you already own, even if those stocks don’t already pay dividends.
Bear Market Investing Strategies: 37 Recession-Proof Ideas to Grow Your Wealth – Including Inverse ETFs, Put Options, Gold & Cryptocurrency
Freeman Publications
Summary via Amazon
We’re not doom and gloomers, but we are realists. These next 18-24 months are not going to be pretty. And millions of ordinary people will be left behind. Just like in 2000, when the dotcom bubble burst. But with smart asset allocation, and strategic investment decisions, you can weather the storm, and come out ahead when this is all over. This is not a dense, theory-packed book with no practical advice. Written in plain English, it only contains strategies that you can implement with your regular brokerage account.

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