Macro Briefing: 23 April 2024

* US considers sanctions targeting some Chinese banks supporting Russia
* US stock market decline has “further to go,” predicts JPMorgan analyst
* Tech sector looks frothy, says head of world’s largest sovereign wealth fund
* Eurozone economy growing again for first time since May 2023: PMI survey
* Risk-parity strategy takes a beating, persuading investors to bail
* US economic growth strengthened in March via Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity Index:

Investors building up bets on rate hikes by the Federal Reserve. Although the estimated odds are still low for tighter policy decisions, “Options markets now suggest a roughly one in five chance of a US rate increase within the next 12 months, up sharply from the start of the year, according to analysts,” reports Financial Times. “At some point, if the [inflation] data continues to disappoint, then I think the Fed will have to start re-engaging on hikes,” says Richard Clarida, an economic adviser at Pimco and a former vice-chair of the US central bank.


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