Next month, your editor will visit the City of Brotherly Love to discuss a few topics that will be familiar to readers of these digital pages: asset allocation and rebalancing.
On March 19, at 11 a.m., I’ll be speaking in Philadelphia on strategic portfolio issues large and small at the local NAPFA study group. The meeting will be hosted by the gracious folks at Wescott Financial Advisory Group, 30 South 17th Street, Philadelphia.
For more information about the meeting, including the cost for attending, please contact the study group leader: Chip Addis of Addis & Hill Financial Advisors. He can be reached at:
Among the subjects on the agenda:
* Comparing passive and active asset allocation strategies
* Reviewing the lessons for asset allocation after the bear market of 2008
* Analyzing rebalancing strategies as they relate to managing asset allocation
* Contrasting tactical asset allocation with rebalancing
* Using ETFs and index mutual funds for implementing asset allocation strategies
* The importance of seeing investing as a risk-management strategy rather than a return-chasing exercise

As an added incentive to join the fun, all attendees will receive a complimentary copy of the March issue of The Beta Investment Report. Hope to see some of you there!