The Capital Spectator & The Milwaukee Company

Several years ago I had the good fortune to cross paths with The Milwaukee Co. (TWC), a wealth management firm in Thiensville, Wisconsin, located a few miles north of Milwaukee. What began as an ad-hoc consulting relationship on research projects for portfolio design, backtesting and risk analytics has slowly expanded into a regular, formal routine for yours truly. As of this month, think of me as TMC’s in-house consultant on research, analytics and related matters for portfolio management.

TMC specializes in rules-based quantitative strategies for managing client assets (for an overview, visit the company’s web site). Working with a team led by Andy Willms, I’ve had an opportunity to put my analytical and coding skills to the test on a variety of fronts over the past five years. I expect no less going forward. Managing risk in the cause of delivering a respectable return, after all, isn’t getting any easier.

As for The Capital Spectator, business as usual will prevail on these pages. The only difference is that when I’m not blogging I’ll be crunching the numbers on behalf of TMC. I expect a productive run of cross-fertilization in terms of ideas and commentaries in due course.

Meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out, either through email (see my contact info here), leaving a comment below, or contacting TMC directly here.