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Looking For A Fed Pivot

When will the Federal Reserve cease and desist its policy of raising interest rates and tightening policy? No one knows, including the Fed, for a simple reason: the path of inflation remains uncertain. The possibilities for reading the tea leaves, however, are endless. Let’s check in with some of the usual suspects for an update.

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Macro Briefing: 6 October 2022

* North Korea continues to launch missiles as US redeploys carrier
* OPEC+ approves hefty cut in oil production to support prices
* Global economic activity decreased for second month in September
* Global trade expected to slow sharply, WTO predicts
* US hiring at companies picked up in September via ADP data
* Developing nations relying on China loans could face challenges as growth slows
* US Services PMI shows decline in business activity for third month in Sep., but…
* ISM Services Index eased in September but continues to reflect solid growth:

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