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US Growth Nowcast For Q2 Stabilizes At Modest Pace

Recent volatility in US economic indicators has trimmed the outlook for the upcoming second-quarter GDP report (due at the end of July), but the current estimates show a degree of stability after a period of downgrades. That’s an encouraging sign, although with another month-plus of data releases to digest before the government’s preliminary Q2 GDP data is published leaves plenty of room for surprises.

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Macro Briefing: 11 June 2019

Trump will raise Chinese tariffs if Xi doesn’t meet at G20: Bloomberg
Mnuchin: China is letting its currency weaken to offset tariffs: SCMP
Will more tariffs on China push US into recession? CNBC
California to offer health care to illegal immigrants: BBC
Half brother of N. Korean leader was a CIA source: WSJ
Are the Hong Kong protests the last battle for Chinese democracy? Slate
Swollen rivers are economic headache for US Midwest & South: NY Times
US job openings fell slightly in April as hiring rose to record high: Reuters