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Macro Briefing: 19 October 2021

* US Lawmakers focus on tougher regs to curb Big Tech’s influence
* China and Russia naval vessels sail through Japan strait
* North Korea fires ballistic missile on Tuesday
* Energy crunch threatens global recovery as winter approaches
* Is supply-crunch inflation beyond the powers of containing via monetary policy?
* Fed Chair Powell sold more than $1 million of stock as market was tanking
* North America’s largest port remains gridlocked off coast of LA
* China’s property and construction industries contracted in Q3
* Global car output at risk from China’s magnesium shortage
* Bitcoin near record high ahead of debut of futures-based ETF
* WisdomTree commodities ETF (GCC) adds 3% allocation to bitcoin futures
* US homebuilder sentiment continued to rebound in October
* US industrial output fell in September, in part due to supply-chain disruption: