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Are Foreign Bonds Adding Value In 2020 For US Investors?

If ever there was a case for a fixed-income allocation, 2020 has delivered the goods in no uncertain terms in 2020. As the coronavirus crisis derailed equity markets around the world, bonds – government bonds, in particular – have providing critical support for portfolio strategies. But for US investors, the fixed-income edge has been primarily a domestic phenomenon. Foreign bonds, by contrast, have posted weak gains at best so far this year (through June 11), based on a set of proxy ETFs.

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Macro Briefing | 11 June 2020

As Covid-19 cases top 2 million, concern lingers over a second wave: BBG
Harvard health expert: US Covid-19 deaths will double by September: CNN
Covid-19 cases are rising as economies around the world reopen: NY Times
Fed expects no interest rate increases through 2022: WSJ
US jobless claims expected to rise sharply again in today’s update: MW
Cash hoarding in Europe suggests economic recovery will be anemic: BBG
Few signs that active management capitalized on recent volatility: II
US consumer inflation’s 1-year trend fell to near zero in May: MW