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US Covid-19 Cases And Deaths Surge

Update: the spike in the daily change for US Covid-19 deaths on 6/25 was due to NJ adding “1,854 probable deaths.”  Excluding this data addition shows the downtrend for US fatalities continues. Perhaps the total spike is a false alarm. Unclear for now. New numbers in the days/weeks ahead will provide clarification, for good or ill. (See revised chart at bottom of this post that doesn’t include the NJ-add data.)

Reports of rising coronavirus cases in the US, mostly due to increases in the South and West, have been downplayed by pointing out that the trend in fatalities has continued to fall. But that narrative suddenly vanished after a dramatic spike in new deaths for Thursday, June 25.
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Macro Briefing | 26 June 2020

US Covid-19 cases surge, setting new record for daily increase: Bloomberg
CDC: estimate of US Covid-19 cases is vastly underestimated: NBC
Fed imposes new restrictions on banks after stress tests: CNBC
Trump administration asks Supreme Court to invalidate Obamacare: Politico
US in struggling with five major crises: NY Times
World trade posts ‘unprecedented decline’ in April: CPB
US GDP fell 5.0% in Q1 in revised data–matching previous estimate: BEA
US durable goods orders rebounded sharply in May–up nearly 16%: MW
US jobless claims continue to rise at high rate: +1.48 million last week: CNBC