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Book Bits | 20 June 2020

Think for Yourself: Restoring Common Sense in an Age of Experts and Artificial Intelligence
Vikram Mansharamani
Summary via publisher (Harvard Business Review Press)
We’ve outsourced too much of our thinking. How do we get it back? Have you ever followed your GPS device to a deserted parking lot? Or unquestioningly followed the advice of an expert–perhaps a doctor or financial adviser–only to learn later that your own thoughts and doubts were correct? And what about the stories we’ve all heard over the years about sick patients–whether infected with Ebola or COVID-19–who were sent home or allowed to travel because busy staff people were following a protocol to the letter rather than using common sense? Why and how do these kinds of things happen? As Harvard lecturer and global trend watcher Vikram Mansharamani shows in this eye-opening and perspective-shifting book, our complex, data-flooded world has made us ever more reliant on experts, protocols, and technology.
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