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Major Asset Classes | December 2021 | Risk Profile

The Global Market Index’s risk-adjusted performance continued to roar higher through the end of 2021, based on the trailing 3-year Sharpe ratio, a measure of return adjusted by volatility. GMI started looking a bit subdued in November, thanks to widespread selling. But the strong rebound for risk assets in December fired up risk-adjusted results for GMI, an unmanaged, market-value-weighted portfolio that holds all the major asset classes (except cash).

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Macro Briefing: 5 January 2022

* North Korea reportedly fires ballistic missile into the sea
* Protests in Kazakhstan intensify: government declares state of emergency
* Stock market ignores rising bond yields, for now
* Global manufacturing expansion continued at end of 2021
* Can US regain some of mfg output lost to foreigners? Companies aim to try
* Toyota tops GM for US car sales–first time foreign firm leads
* US home prices set to continue surging in 2022, Zillow predicts
* Job openings in US fell in Nov, but remained near record high
* Small-company wages up 4%-plus in December, a record high estimates Paychex
* US mfg activity slowed in Dec to 11-month low via ISM Mfg Index: