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Outlier Risk, Part IV

Identifying outliers in a data set is conceptually cut and dry. Extremes, by definition, should be conspicuous. But in practice, labeling outliers is a mix of art and science, in part because expectations vary from investor to investor as do sensitivities to “risk.” The analysis can also be muddied by the technique used to crunch the numbers.

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Macro Briefing: 18 January 2022

* 10-year US Treasury yield rises to two-year high in early Tuesday trading
* Preliminary Israeli study suggests fourth vaccine doesn’t stop omicron infections
* UK to send missiles to Ukraine for self-defense from possible Russia attack
* US policy of engaging with N. Korea appears mistaken, analyst says
* China’s Xi urges West not to raise interest rates too fast
* US airlines ask for ‘immediate intervention’ in planned rollout of 5G
* Oil reaches 7-year high on Tuesday amid new concerns over supply constraints: