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10-Year Treasury Yield ‘Fair Value’ Estimate: 7 January 2022

The US 10-year Treasury yield rose to a nine-month high on Thursday (Jan. 6), which may be a prelude to setting a new pandemic high in the days ahead. If that happens, the increase would signal a higher probability that the benchmark rate would push above levels reached before the pandemic started in early 2020. During the 12 months prior to pandemic, the 10-year rate traded in the roughly 2%-3%-plus range.

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Macro Briefing: 7 January 2022

* Markets weigh possibility of three-facet Fed policy-tightening moves
* US 10yr Treasury yield briefly topped 1.75% on Thursday, a pandemic high
* Russia boosts influence in Kazakhstan amid political unrest
* Eurozone inflation ticked up to 5% in December, a new record high
* US jobless claims rose last week but remain near historic low
* US factory orders grew for a seventh-straight month in November
* US services sector growth slowed sharply in December via ISM survey data: