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Despite US Resilience, Recessionistas Still Expect Trouble

The US was supposed to be in recession by now, according to numerous forecasts from early in 2023. But the bearish forecasts have fallen flat as output has remained positive. In fact, GDP surged in the third quarter, dealing a body blow to expectations that a downturn was imminent. But rather than admit defeat, the recession forecasters have simply moved forward the expected tipping point.

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Macro Briefing: 6 December 2023

* More oil output cuts possible for OPEC+, says Russia
* US will work with other nations to accelerate nuclear fusion viable energy source
* Water consumption in tech is surging to support growing AI use
* Despite market rallies, tax-efficient ETFs set for minimal distributions for 2023
* Global Composite PMI, a GDP proxy, indicates weak growth in November
* US ISM Services Index picks up in November, indicates moderate growth
* US job openings fall in October to lowest level since March 2021:

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