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Value Factor Is Relative Haven For Stocks So Far In 2022

There’s no place to hide within the US equities risk factor spectrum, at least in absolute terms. But value stocks continue to shine on a relative basis via light losses this year. Will it last? More importantly, can value stocks regain their mojo and at some point outperform the growth factor with higher gains for an extended period? Or is the historical value premium destined to fade into a perpetual underperforming risk premium?

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Macro Briefing: 10 May 2022

* Biden urges Congress to quickly pass new aid package for Ukraine
* Biden worried that Putin doesn’t have exit strategy for Ukraine war
* Germany prepares for sudden end to Russian gas supplies
* Rough year for government retirement funds set to get worse
* Emerging market currencies suffer from rising rates and slower growth
* Consumer inflation outlook falls in April from record high in previous month
* US housing market may be a bubble, or close to it
* Bitcoin trades below $30,000 for first time since last July
* S&P 500 Index’s drawdown sinks to -16.8% — deepest in two years: