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Macro Briefing: 7 June 2022

* Johnson survives vote of confidence and remains UK prime minister
* Taiwan prepares for a possible invasion from China
* Treasury Sec. Yellen faces tough questions on inflation in Congress this week
* Global growth remains weak but was slightly stronger in May
* China services-sector business activity “continues to fall markedly in May”
* Rising interest rates are taking a toll on commercial properety sales
* World has passed ‘peak agricultural land’
* Germany manufacutring orders fall for third month in April
* US 10yr Treasury yield rebounds, rising above 3% again:

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In Transit…

Update: Miracle of miracles — my flight from Honolulu to Newark (with a connection in San Francisco) arrived early in Newark, a.k.a. hitting the airline lottery jackpot. In short, back to business a bit earlier than expected.

No updates today as the Capital Spectator is somewhere over these United States, returning from a week-plus of Waikiki, heading back to the Gah-den State, a.k.a. NJ. Debriefing to resume a Northeast lifestyle already in progress. The usual routine resumes tomorrow, Wed., June 8. Meantime, a last look at what I’m leaving behind in exchange for a non-descript location roughly 30 miles southwest of Wall Street.