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Small Cap Value Still Leading US Equity Factor Returns In 2021

How long can small-cap value stocks outperform the rest of the factor field? According to the influential Fama-French research, this slice of US equity risk has dominated performance over the long haul. In recent years, however, the long-run record faltered as growth and large-cap led. But small-cap value is back in 2021 and for the moment, at least, is well ahead in the equity factor horse race on a year-to-date basis.

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Macro Briefing: 8 April 2021

* Biden open to negotiating details on corporate tax hike
* Highly infectious variant of the coronavirus now dominant in US, says CDC
* Fed minutes: policymakers say low rates will stay in place
* Global economic rebound accelerated in March via Global Composite PMI
* Global rise in food prices remains persistent
* Rising dollar in first quarter confounds bearish expectations
* CFO economic optimism rose above pre-pandemic level in late-March
* US consumer borrowing surged in February–biggest gain since late-2017: