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Is The Rise In The 10-Year Treasury Rate Noise Or Signal?

If your historical perspective is defined the last several months, the recent jump in the benchmark 10-year Treasury rate looks significant. But a longer term view suggests otherwise. That will change if rates continue to rise, but at the moment the backup in yield still looks like one more installment of a long-running trend of fluctuation within a sliding trend.

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Macro Briefing: 22 April 2021

* US reaches 200 million vaccinations–vaccinating the rest may be tougher
* German Foreign Minister: de-coupling from China would be a mistake
* India reports new world record for highest rise in daily Covid-19 infections
* Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine scientist says third shot is needed
* Russia arrests 1000-plus people during protests supporting Alexei Navalny
* Biden will propose 50% cut in emissions cut for US by 2030
* Analysts consider the risk of a US housing market crash
* 10-year Treasury yield down for second day, near lowest rate in over a month: